Parenting on the Main Line

  what parents need to know about raising
  healthy, well-adjusted, ethically-grounded
  children on the Main Line
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Parenting on the Main Line

Discussion Series

Exploring the Roles of Mothers and Fathers: interactive discussions
facilitated by Dr. Jennifer Hitelman and Dr. Robert Zeitlin

We are pleased to announce two separate sessions facilitated by two local psychologists and parents, on the joys and challenges of parenting on the Main Line.

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Dr. Jennifer Hitelman

Dr. Robert Zeitlin

The Juggling Act of Motherhood: Who am I? How do I find the balance?
Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 9:30 am (Bryn Mawr Presbyterian)

Being a mother is life-altering, full of joy and worry. The juggling act of motherhood requires a delicate balancing of different roles to meet the demands and expectations of spouses, bosses, kids, and schools, to name a few. Planning and organizing are needed to survive but the unexpected and unpredictable can overwhelm the best organizer. Doing it all may keep us from doing any of it well enough, and often results in frustration, resentment, and guilt. Given these challenges, many women question who they are and how they can take care of their own health and sanity.

Fathers charting a new course: How did I get here?
Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 7:00 pm (Main Line Reform Temple)

Fathers in 2014 are more involved with their kids and the house than in any previous generation. Changing diapers, taxi-ing the kids to sports, and doing laundry are things that very few of our dads ever did. We are navigating a new course for fatherhood without a map. Balancing new fatherhood duties with work can present a challenge, as can working out expectations with your spouse. What is the best way to support a spouse multi-tasking work and parenting? How do you find "chill time" with your kids? And how can you manage your own stress in healthy ways?

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